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Hello my name is Steve Girard, I’m 42 years old and lived in Maine since 2005.


My background is unique as I was born and raised in Switzerland and have successfully established a career and family here in Maine. I proudly became an American Citizen in 2012 and I am enjoying a rich personal and professional life.


I am fluent in both English and French . My native language is Parisian French.  Living in Maine has allowed me to be fully conversant in the subtleties of Canadian French as well.


I moved to the US from Switzerland in the summer of 2005 and have never regretted it, I love this state with all its natural beauty.


I’ve always enjoyed airplanes and helicopters so when I discovered the quadcopter I couldn’t resist purchasing one. By using the quadcopter I can help people to see aerial views at a reasonable cost which are otherwise impossible to see at ground level.


I started the business in 2015 and have been doing it full time since.  I am fully insured and FAA licensed.


I operate all over New England, from Bangor ME to Newport RI and Cape Cod MA. My services are perfect for real estate, sporting event, marketing video, and wedding.


My favorite season in Maine is Fall, there is warm sunny weather and the forests are full with colors making beautiful reflections on the lakes.


Looking forward to taking your pictures and videos to new heights…





Steve Girard, Xtreme Aerial View Owner

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